The Absolutely Best Stuff I Read This Week #8

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This is one of many posts where I will share some of the best articles or posts I read each week (see the first one where I explained). If you have come across them before, then excellent. We are probably enjoying the internet in a similar way. If some of these are new to you, then I am happy I can add something to your online experience.

So for your Sunday reading pleasure, here is The Absolutely Best Stuff I Read This Week:

The ‘Who’d have thunk it’ Award:

Waffle Pancake Pie: How a Six-Year-Old Taught Me to Go Big or Go Home – I will be honest – reading this made me want to try some waffle pancake pie. But the message underlying this cute story about a dad trying to make his daughter’s “crazy” food request is a good lesson for everyone, no matter the stage of life. Worth a read, especially with the adorable drawing by his daughter.


The ‘Follow your passion’ Award (tied):

Time to Get Something on the Side: 30 Inspiring Passion Projects and Why You Should Have One – There is a lot of talk in the tech world about side projects and the value in them. Personally, I have never liked that term. Side project sounds trivial, when it may be anything but. Now a passion project, I can stand behind. This article and slideshow shares the passion projects of 30 very talented folks, all of whom have their day job. The projects should inspire you to pick up that project you have always wanted to do but keep putting aside.

A unique perspective on concert photography from a blind music fan – Many of us have excuses why we can’t do the things we enjoy. This inspirational story should get you up off your rump. He goes to live concerts, no matter the venue, no matter the stairs, no matter the crowd – who cares that he can’t see. He goes and he takes pictures. He can’t see his own pictures, but he takes them nonetheless. Because he enjoys the music. What do you do with your passion?


The ‘Best explanation yet’ Award:

The Government Shutdown, Told in Lego – We’re already many days into this shutdown of the US government. No one can say they didn’t know it was going on, but there are probably many people, like me, who would not really be able to explain why it is happening because we don’t quite understand it ourselves. Well, Lego to the rescue. The entire path to the shutdown using everyone’s favourite building block.


The ‘Let’s set the record straight’ Award:

Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) – I am a huge fan of the Oatmeal. His comics often highlight some very real day-to-day situations. This time, with the approach of the Columbus Day holiday in the US, he decided to take on this misplaced hero worship and clear up exactly what we are celebrating. He also proposes a far more suitable replacement. If you thought you knew your history about Christopher Columbus, you might want to take a deep breath first.


The ‘How did I miss that’ Award:

Amazing fan theory ties together every Tom Hanks movie – Ok, so not much reading in this one but the video is well worth reading. They have strung together a whole set of Tom Hanks’ movies into one reasonably coherent plotline. They are missing a few like his role in Philadelphia, but it is an interesting take on the career that has made Tom Hanks one of the (if not the) most beloved actors in the world.


The ‘Pay close attention’ Award:

How to Love Someone With Depression – This is an old article, one which I know I have read before, and I am pretty sure I have linked it on this blog before as well. But I don’t think it can be shared too often. If you have someone in your life who has been diagnosed with depression, be they friend or family, please take a minute or two and read this. It outlines what depression feels like and what you should and should not do in your effort to help.