Continuous Creation Challenge Recap

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A whole 2 weeks have passed since I declared my intention to try a 72-hour Continuous Creation Challenge over the 4-day Easter weekend. Did I do it? Yes. Did it work? Kind of. That’s the short version. Lol!

What I achieved

I had laid out a long list of things I wanted to tackle, knowing full well I would not likely complete all of them. But I gave myself enough room and variety to keep myself interested and make some progress on some long outstanding items. The things I did accomplish from the list were:

  • writing
    • wrote and scheduled 3 blog posts for this blog (all on my time management productivity improvements). Basically documenting my progress in developing a plan for how to improve.
    • wrote and scheduled 3 poems for my poetry website
  • music
    • continued learning song (“Bella Vista”) on steel pan to record later this month for theVirtual Steelband project. I learned a section that had been plaguing me for a while.
    • some piano lesson practice
  • photography
  • technology
    • cleaned up styling on my private links site
    • reviewed branding for an upcoming ecommerce project
    • continued work on a demo site I’m setting up
    • worked on landing page for a web app I’m working on
    • started decluttering my web hosting account in preparation for my pending move

Seeing them all laid out like that, I feel better about the weekend. Though I did not complete a lot of the things I intended, I did make a dent, and that makes it a little easier to pick back up some of those items and work to completion.

Where I struggled

Despite having a plan for how I saw my weekend going, I struggled to focus. The first 24 hours went exceedingly well. I felt productive and was able to find a flow even with switching modes. The difficulty began on Sunday, when, for whatever reason, I was in a bit of a funk. It was extremely difficult to get motivated to work on these projects. In the end, I mostly watched TV online despite my own prohibition of media consumption. The other major challenge was the temptation of social media. Next time I may need to actually look at blocking those sites to avoid straying while I am online doing other tasks.

What I learned

I’m still working out exactly what I learned. I know that when I was being productive, I was enjoying myself. The projects I selected were all things I really wanted to work on so that definitely factored in to the motivation. I did not end up doing the exercise and yoga and meditation I had thought I might, which might have helped me out of the funk on Sunday.

I will be planning other CCCs in the future, though perhaps not 72 hours. I won’t often have that kind of time anyway, but I may need to work my way up to that level of focus, lol. I now realize how much I can get done in a 24-hour span if I really put my mind to it.

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