Continuous Creation Challenge

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A 4-day weekend is always a fantastic thing! Jamaica being a religious country, we get the major Christian holidays off, which makes Easter weekend a beautiful oasis for those of us who won’t be filling it with church and other religious observations. Many take it as an opportunity to leave Kingston¬†— there are parties on the north and east coasts. But I always hang around and enjoy the quiet that remains with all the party people gone.

This year, given my renewed focus on getting some specific things done, and combined with the departure of the BF for a couple weeks, I will be trying something new. I’m announcing my 72-hour Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC). I’ve tried it before with some success but the conditions are even better this time around.

The CCC comes from Joel Zaslofsky at The Value of Simple. He declared April as the month he links to creation, and announced his 24-hour challenge for April 20. Since I have this beautiful 4-day weekend, I’m doing mine now. The idea of the CCC is to¬†shift your energy from the many forms of consumption into channeled creation.

The plan is to use most of Friday for errands like laundry, cleaning my apartment, and knocking off a couple tasks from my day job (all the fun stuff). The challenge begins at 8 p.m. Friday night and runs until 8 p.m. Monday night. During that time, I shall take breaks for meals (groceries already bought), yoga/meditation/exercise, bathroom stops and sleep (to be done as needed, no set schedule). In between, I shall be working through a list of creation activities. It will be basically like a little personal retreat.

The creation list is being compiled as a Trello board but will contain the following (and some other stuff I’m sure):

  • writing
    • blog posts to be written/drafted/scheduled for this and other blog projects
    • poetry
    • book outline
  • music
    • finish learning song (“Bella Vista”) on steel pan to record later this month for the Virtual Steelband project
    • some piano lesson practice
  • photography
    • sorting thru and editing photos to get up onto my portfolio
    • actually publishing portfolio finally
  • technology
    • finish up couple websites and web apps I’m working on
    • decluttering my web hosting account in preparation for a move next month (let’s say I’m creating space and peace of mind, lol)

The flip side of the CCC is the elimination aspect. In order to channel your energy into creation, then consumption must be impacted. I plan to restrict my information/media consumption to only that which is necessary for my creation. So that means 72 hours of no phone calls, text messages, emails, social media (with the exception of me posting updates on the challenge), blog feeds, ebooks, or streamed movies or TV shows. Where I need to read or watch something to make progress on a project, that will be allowed. This will be a major adjustment in my time distribution as I spent way more time consuming online than the average person.

When the weekend is over, I will have an early night and return to regular life, hopefully with a list of completed items and a renewed focus on and appreciation for making time for creation. It’s too easy to get caught up in the regular cycle of consuming throughout the day then waking up to repeat. I’ll write another post at the end of my challenge (or maybe the next day), sharing what I accomplished as well as lessons learned. Hopefully, I will be able to schedule a couple more challenges later in the year.

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