A (big) change is coming, baby

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A more comprehensive update will follow soon, but I have been working on the ideas I laid out in my last post. I have managed to touch on most areas, except probably Friends & Family and Fun  Recreation. But more to come on that.

Today’s update will focus on the Career section. The first sub-area of Personal Productivity is still very much a work in progress. Without really setting up formal systems, I have managed to start finding hacks that work for me to get through my backlog. There is still room for improvement where new items are concerned but it is still progress. As a result I have started to get a handle on stuff at my day job, so I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed looking at the things I need to get done.

As a result of that, I have also managed to start chipping away at some of the longstanding todos in my non-day job life. By interspersing fun things (e.g. watching an episode of Big Bang Theory) among the things that need doing (e.g. writing a blog post, lol), I have managed to make some forward movement. This is not yet the full formal announcement, but if you pay close attention to my site, then you will spot a major development to come.

I want to say more but, I won’t pretend, it is scary and a bit of a leap. So I am softly and quietly sneaking it into the universe, as I build up the courage to go for it and yell from the rooftops. Lol!

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