Looking back at 2012

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I have, in the past, used different formats to look back over a year as it draws to its end. I have reflected on lessons learned, meandered through my thoughts, drafted detailed month-by-month statements. Many years I have had no formal reflection. Some years, looking back through my blog posts, I realize that I stopped blogging as the year end approached and then restarted months into the new year. I am sad when I see that because I know that I lost out on not reflecting on the year, even if it was difficult.

This year, I felt inspired by one of my online idols, Chris Guillebeau. Every year he does an annual review, and uses them as the stepping stool to laying out his goals and plans for the following year. It is often very involved but this year he simplified due to some travels. Seeing that he was able to quickly and simply review his year inspired me to get mine down now.

What went well?
Some of the things I am particularly proud of this year include my new job, turning around my healthstarting to write my novel in NaNoWriMo, getting my relationship on a new track and moving out of my parents’ house.

What didn’t go well?
All is never rosy. My finances have been scarily shot to hell this year. I have had some difficulty sticking to some of my new fitness habits. I fell back into my depression hole and had to return to therapy. I had trouble sticking to a daily writing habit and couldn’t finish the novel. Writing, in general, was a weak point for me this year.

What about my goals?
I didn’t do a formal goal-planning process for 2012. As I have done in previous years, I identified a theme for myself that helps to guide the actions and decisions in my life. 2012 was the year of AUTHENTICITY. So how did that go? Well, I managed to continue the shedding I had begun the previous year (2011 was the year of MOVEMENT). I successfully extricated myself from, and avoided getting into, activities and situations that I didn’t feel reflected the true me. This caused some strain in certain areas but I stand by my choices. I eliminated some of the people who were adding little to my life, and renewed my focus on me and my well-being. I did try some new things (and old things) that I believed had been missing from me. So all in all, I think 2012 was definitely a success in AUTHENTICITY.

And what next?
Well, the theme for 2013 was chosen some time ago because it kept recurring in conversations and things I read, and managed to pull together several of the things I know I want to do next year. 2013 is the Year of ABUNDANCE. I will be writing amore detailed post on what that means, but for now let me define as ‘the fullness of life’. I will be selecting some focus areas and some specific goals and this process has been underway for a couple months. Work has even begun towards some of the 2013 plans so I will be sharing more soon.

So what about you?
What did 2012 bring you? Was it what you hoped?

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  1. Marlon on January 3, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Awesome stuff. Seems as if 2012 was definitely the year of Authenticity for you.

    2012 was more or less a success for myself as well. My theme was PROGRESS and it involved both the trying things I’ve never done before, progressing in my work (and realizing it really wasn’t for me) as well as getting back on track with my true passion in life. My writing has also been more abundant this year and I’m hoping to expand the blog.

    So the theme for 2013? Haven’t come up with one yet, but rest assured, I already have a steady focus on what needs to be accomplished.

    Keep up the great writing and all the best for 2013!

    • bianca on January 3, 2013 at 5:34 pm

      That’s great, Marlon! Focus is what is key (that could even be a theme, lol!). Good luck with your targets for 2013.

  2. Emma Lewis on December 28, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    My dear Bianca:

    How amazing that you should have chosen that theme for 2013! Last month my husband and I did an online meditation course by Deepak Chopra. Did you do it too? The theme was just that, Abundance. We have talked it over and decided that is how we must look at things – abundance int he past, present and future. So that is marvelous. Look forward to reading more about your goals.

    As for writing, blogging has taken over from my creative writing, at least for now. I have completed my novel – over a year ago – and have not written any more short stories for the past six months. I really do want to push myself to get it all published! But it has to take its course. Write when you can, and when you have the will and desire to do so. It will come.

    All the best for 2013!


    PS I have sent you a separate message via your “contact” form on this blog. Believe me, I have been there, done that – and it’s not quite over yet. (the depression part).

    • bianca on December 28, 2012 at 9:05 pm

      Thanks for your comments Emma! I didn’t do a meditation course with Deepak. The theme really just sprung to mind one day to sum up all the things I had been thinking about. I will definitely go more into that when I write down the goals. I am working on the writing stuff myself so maybe 2013 will see us both publishing something. 😀