Happy New Year to Me!

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[Confession: I sat down and wrote this post a week ago and WordPress ate it. No explanation, it just vanished into cyberspace without me being able to publish it. It took me a week to work up the energy to write it again, and it has lost something. Still worth a read, though.]

As I mentioned before, 2014 has been an incredibly difficult year. I have found myself wishing it would just get it over with so I could start with a new, fresh year. Bring on the 2015. As it turns out, the year is almost over.

Usually at this point in the year, I find myself starting to think about what the next year should be about. I recently made two decisions:

  1. I will start my new year on my birthday
  2. I chose my theme for the next year

Starting the year on your birthday is not a new concept, but it’s new for me. I have, for a long time, stuck to the traditional calendar year. Each year, I look forward to January 1 as a clean slate, with me rearing and ready to go on my plans for the year. This time, since I have been more than ready for the new year, I figured an early start couldn’t hurt. Plus starting on my birthday gives the start of the year some significance. Given that there are only roughly 50 days between my birthday and the usual New Year, it gives me a nice chunk of time to get started on my goals before the “other year” starts.

Now for the theme… For several years, instead of resolutions, I chose a theme for my year. This approach, I found, gave me sufficient flexibility to accommodate lots of life changes without the rigid structure that often left failure in its wake (even before January was finished). I modified slightly to include broad goals in various life areas.

To choose a theme, I usually look back at the previous year and see what was missing. This year, I admitted that I chose no theme, I set no goals. And it showed. My entire year, I went with the flow. In some things this might be good, but sadly it really meant that I jut went where the year took me. I took whatever was thrown at me and tried to deal with it. Definitely hasn’t worked out so well for me. But what I realized was that the shaky ground I found myself on, that instability was the key. What I need to do is get back to basics, lay the groundwork. So I hereby declare 2015 (which begins today on November 12) the Year of FOUNDATION.

This year will be about building the framework, the structures, the underpinning for the life I want. It will allow me to return to basic principles and build in only the stuff I want. It’s an exciting concept because it means the realm of possibility is open. Though there are some things in my life that will clearly remain, I am allowing myself the scope to recreate a lot of my existence. There are some goals I have in mind already, but I have not yet fleshed out the aims for the year.

The next step will be to identify the critical areas of focus and the respective goals. Because I am starting fresh in a way, I will likely put more goal planning in place than usual to give some direction to my year.


Have you started planning your 2015 yet? What do you want to achieve?

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