What’s the plan for 2013? (Part 1)

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2013 is my Year of ABUNDANCE.

What’s that about? Well, for several years, instead of setting myself resolutions which would inevitably fail, I would choose as aspect of personal development to focus on. So the progression was something like (I wasn’t really documenting them back then) honesty with myself, openness and honesty with others, trusting others etc.

I eventually modified the concept to be more broad than just my personal development specifically and started selecting themes for each year. So, for example, 2010 was the year of Reality, 2011 was the Year of Movement, and 2012 was the Year of Authenticity.

Each year my theme builds on the one from the previous year, in that the prior theme needed to happen in order for the current theme to even be possible for me.

Had I not faced Reality in 2010, I could not have identified the fact that my life was stagnating. Had I not focused on Movement in 2011, I would not have begun identifying the directions and things that did not feel right to me. Had I not focused on Authenticity in 2012, then the very concept of Abundance would have been wasted.

Why do I go with a theme? Trying to micromanage my goals and objectives for the entire year (the way I was taught to do for projects, for example) leaves me feeling unsatisfied and usually finds me considering the year a failure after my frustration with the process has caused me to abandon the targets. By selecting a theme that encompasses most of my major desires for the year, I am able to selectively focus on specific areas of my life without dictating to myself exactly what must happen for the year to be a success. So I can pick a direction without needing to know the exact path I will use to get there.

Does it work? Well, it works for me. I have always been able to look back at my year and identify the ways in which I did live by my theme and what I achieved as a result. The nice part is that the the themes are completely cumulative, so I don’t leave behind a theme once the year is up. I carry it with me into the next and so I can always continue to improve areas that I thought I fell down on in any one year.

How do I pick a theme? I will use 2013 as an example. As I worked through 2012 with my focus on Authenticity, I started noticing areas of my life where even though I was being more me, there was something lacking. I was, for example, shedding people and leftover relationships that were no longer adding enough to my life, but I realized that the relationships I wanted to keep needed bolstering. I was focusing more on work and projects that I was interested in, but there was not enough financial incentive to make the sacrifices worthwhile in some cases. I was improving my health, but had not found a groove for the healthy lifestyle I envisioned.

I started to form a loose concept in my head of needing to focus on strengthening various areas of my life. But strengthening was feeling quite right as a theme. Then I noticed a confluence of ideas coming at me from different sources – conversations I was having, material I was reading etc. And one day the word sprung to mind – Abundance. I quickly double checked and there is a meaning of abundance (often used in the bible, but not exclusively) of abundance meaning a fullness of life. That fit!

Side note: This was also my high school motto, “Life More Abundant”. 🙂

What I really wanted was an abundance in my life of certain things – positive relationships, financial assets, personal satisfaction. So this became the theme. 2013 is my Year of Abundance.

So that explains my overall theme for this year. I will have to use another post to lay out what my intended focus areas are and some of the things I would like to achieve. I want to be a bit more


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