What’s the plan for 2013? (Part 2)

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So having sorted out the direction for this year, the Year of Abundance, I have decided to bring a bit more specificity to my efforts. This year I want to focus on specific areas of my life, and outline beforehand the kind of improvement I want to create.

While all areas are important, there is a priority order for me based on the things I noticed that were lacking in the past few years. My order of focus will be:

  1. Professional
  2. Social
  3. Intellectual
  4. Spiritual
  5. Psychological
  6. Recreational
  7. Physical


Though I made some progress over the last couple of years in moving towards a fulfilling career, I have not really placed much focus on the value I provide and the reward (tangible and intangible) I receive. So for 2013, I intend to increase the value I provide in various ways and subsequently increase the reward I receive. I will be looking at strengthening my current job situation, as well as developing other business ideas that I have.


The relationships in my life have had varying levels of engagement, some have survived and some have struggled. I want to foster healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, and family so that I will have a strong personal and professional network. I will be paying more attention to what these relationships involve, how to strengthen, how to handle conflicts etc.


I have always prided myself on my ability to learn, my memory, and the way I reason. My friends have heard me lament over the last few years that I think my brain is stagnating. I miss reading and learning just for the sake of knowledge. I plan to develop skills that assist me in learning, and spend more time engaged in acquiring information and understanding in areas that interest me.


Now anyone who knows me knows that I am not religious. I have made a journey from being raised in an Anglican home, to non-denominational belief, to non-organized religion, through agnosticism, into atheism, before coming to the realization that humanism best defines my belief system. I have already read quite a bit around it but I want to deepen my understanding and practice of my personal beliefs.

The three remaining areas I consider my secondary areas of focus, largely because I will be continuing work I focused on in 2012. I am laying out goals for them because there is still work to be done. 🙂


I spend a lot of 2012 dealing with a relapse into depression. I went back into therapy to get some help dealing with my emotions. Unfortunately, therapy got stalled when my therapist left the country. I will need to resume therapy this year as I have already been thwarted in my new year’s plans by some lingering over-thinking, repressed anger, general malaise. I will also be paying attention to my other outlets that I have neglected.


Recreation means things I do for relaxation, refreshment and pleasure falls under this life area. Simply put, I plan to have more fun.


Last year was a turning point for me health-wise which saw me changing my lifestyle to include healthier eating and more exercise. Though I have not been as diligent as when I started, I have managed to maintain most of my dietary changes. I do want to pay more attention to what I consume, and relearn how to enjoy living healthily.

So there you have it, the fullness that will be 2013. Under each of the above areas, I, of course, have some specific things in mind that I plan to try, and I will write more about those as the year goes on. For now, just even getting these out of my head is helping to concretize my direction.

So what are you planning for 2013?

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