Can’t do without this technology

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So, last time, I described my tossing aside of technology for certain kinds of activities. Those occasions where the good old paper and pen seemed to just work better for me than some techie app or gadget. But there definitely are some aspects of my life where technology rules and there is no going back.

The biggest ones are:

  • Communication
  • Contacts
  • Scheduling


I honestly cannot remember when last I wrote a letter. Those they weren’t the last letters in my life, I remember finding a box of letters I had saved from when I lived in Europe nearly 20 years ago. Letters from friends, family and classmates all sent to me while I spent a year in Belgium. It amused me to see this shoebox crammed full of various kinds of paper, many still stuffed into their envelopes. Of course, most of those same people I now have as friends in Facebook. I am again living in Europe for a time but have received not one letter, lol! Many emails, Facebook messages, Whatsapp messages, Skype or FaceTime calls, but not one envelope addressed to me. And I do the same. It struck me I don’t even actually know where the post office is in Trento, though I gather there is one nearby. Communication for me is by default an technology issue.


I can remember receiving address books as gifts when I was younger. Many, many address books – as though I would ever have contact information for thousands of people. Back then, when you were most likely to meet people through your daily activities, it was indeed hard to rack up a contact list of thousands before the end of your life. How many letters could you write, after all? Lol! But now, in this age of technology-driven communications (as mentioned above), the contact list has shifted from a paper address book to an electronic one. I moved from storing numbers in my PDA to online to omnipresently across all my devices through the marvel that is the cloud. My contact list in my phone contains not just numbers of people I meet, but email addresses of everyone I have ever emailed (thanks to Gmail). When you then combine that with my lists on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (my primary social networks), I can pretty much find a way to contact almost everyone I have ever known, worked with, associated with, or could want to get in touch with. Isn’t technology beautiful.


I have been working on keeping things on my calendar for a while. I used to, like many people, have the day planner in which you would write the things you were going to do and the appointments you had. Again that started with the migration into my PDA. But the challenge was always the same – what if you didn’t have it with you? Technology has removed that for me. First off, why would I ever not have my phone? My phone, which has been a smartphone for a while, has a calendar, into which goes everything. If it is not in my phone’s calendar, I probably won’t know I am supposed to go somewhere. The infamous cloud has made it even better, because by syncing with Google calendar, I have access to my calendar from anywhere. The same calendar is available to me on all devices. I can sync in multiple calendars, like the one with the TechPeaks‘ activities. I can even use a service to book interviews in the available slots in my calendar when needs be. If I tell you I will be somewhere and I didn’t put it in my calendar, you can pretty much forget about seeing me there. Lol!



There are a few other aspects of my life where technology has a major impact, but these are the ones that I absolutely cannot live without. I will have to do another post on the crossover areas where I mix technology and the old tried and true paper.

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  1. Emma Lewis on October 7, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    I am in exactly the same situation. If I don’t have an appointment/meeting etc in my smartphone calendar, then I will NOT be going there!

    And to think, I used to have one of those fat “filofaxes” that we all used to carry around!

    I don’t write letters, but I am traditional in little ways: I ALWAYS send handwritten postcards to best friends and family when I am overseas somewhere. And every year I buy charity Christmas cards, write little notes in each one and send them off by snail mail! 🙂