The whisper of a Ghost

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I have been using WordPress for as long as I have been blogging (nearly 8 1/2 years now). And while I still love the platform, I am always open to considering new things. I have signed up for many other platforms to test them out but always found myself returning to WordPress. I was one of those people who read John Nolan’s original post about his dream blogging platform. It was fascinating seeing his vision for what blogging could be, with the focus on writing.

So when he decided to actually create this platform, after seeing the response to it from the wider community, I signed up for the email list. I watched as he launched a Kickstarter campaign which I unfortunately couldn’t donate to at the time. It was well oversubscribed. The development updates started rolling out and the fever was high.

Finally, today I received an email saying Ghost is open to the public. You can now download it and install it for yourself. The hosted platform which will be a paid service will follow. Just looking through the documentation and tutorials, I am excited. Yes, it is another new toy, but it is more than that.

I have fun maintaining my blog myself because I get to tinker with the guts, and as I recently said to a friend of mine here at TechPeaks “if I want to fuck up my site, I can.” It appeals to my techie side to be able to tweak and add functionality to do all sorts of things. I am prone to installing plugins just to try them out and see what they do. But I blog because I have things to say presumably.

The idea of going back to focusing on my writing has its appeal. I haven’t yet downloaded Ghost, but I will. I will likely start with a local installation just to understand it and see how it works. My current web host who I love (BlueHost) does not support node.js applications so they are not really an option for Ghost, so I will have to wait. I can either set up new hosting somewhere else, like a cloud provider, or sign up for a hosted account once those become available.

Will I move this blog? Unlikely. Not first. I may start with another blog project. But we will see. I am definitely excited about the prospects.