I’m back, baby!

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Feels like we’ve been here before. I blog, then I disappear and then I reappear with apologies. So yes, I’m doing the apology thing again. When last I wrote, I was doing some in depth reviews of my time in Italy at the techPEAKS accelerator. I had a couple more posts planned and then life just threw a wrench in the works. Major family challenges left little headspace for much of anything. I was simply too focused on holding everything together, myself, my life, my sanity, my relationship… A separate post in a couple days will explain. Suffice to say, writing fell so far off my radar I’m nervous writing this post.

But now I’m back. If you’d been here before then you should notice that I’ve changed the site quite a bit. Admittedly the colours haven’t changed much (I like what I like), but the design, the layout, even the way I organize the content on here is different. Since it had been so long since I’d written, I felt the need for a fresh start, so a redesign was in order, even though I’d redone it last year too before going to Italy. Since I was going for a new look, I figured a new layout would make me feel better, and with that came the need to reorganize the posts. You’ll notice in the Blog menu some broad categories. Those reflect my current philosophy and approach to life. I even have them posted up on my wall at home. Most everything I’d written before fits in somewhere (or I made it fit).

There is still some work to be done. I did change the underlying setup of the site which ended up meaning changing the address for the blog. This means that there are tons of old links out in the wild that will no longer work. I did try to put in a solution for that, but it was just not working. I also have a ton of missing images on older posts, which I am correcting little by little.

My goal, as it is every time I resume blogging, is to blog consistently. I am likely to take back up the approach I tried out while I was in Italy of writing on a regular schedule and following my own calendar of topics so that I pretty much always have something scheduled ahead of time to post. I plan to keep writing a lot of the personal posts but also expand into more commentary, because I’m not really seeing enough writing that says the things I think. So I hope people are prepared. Lol!

All this to say, yes, I’m back!

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