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What I'm Doing Now

Like many people, I'm often asked what I'm up to now. If you're curious about that too, here you go:

Actively working on:


To support some of my other plans, I decided to improve my credibility in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship and the arts. Writing will play a part in that so the blogging will return shortly, but I have begun to seek out speaking opportunities.


In 2015, I launched my WordPress consulting business, L'Attitude Studios. I have been laying the groundwork for refocusing on that over the last couple months as I begin to reopen my doors to clients. I have also just launched my creative industries consulting business, Creative L'Attitude.


I am pretty much always learning something new. It's a big part of my makeup. Right now, my learning includes the following:

Ideas I'm looking into:


In 2015, I presented at the Edna Manley Arts Conference. Both my presentations looked at the intersection of arts, technology and business, and received great response. I'm presenting again this year at two conferences. I am considering doing a PhD in the next year or two as well.

Personal projects

I always have ideas that I want to see in the world. I am deciding which one to launch next. The 2 front-runners (both blog projects) are:

  • Sharing material on technology and business in the arts.
  • Interviewing people pursuing their passions.


I am finally making the leap into the startup world myself. Working on NextWhen with a co-founder. I also have a couple other ideas marinating now.

This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s own now page. For other now pages, check out his NowNowNow project.