What motivates you?

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about purpose and meaning recently. Maybe it’s my age, maybe because of the changes in my life and the world around me in the last couple of years. Whatever the reason, I find myself wanting to dig deeper into how I want to spend my time, and what I want to do with my life.

A big part of that is developing a deeper self-awareness. I want to better understand who I am, what my values are, what my strengths are, what I bring to the world and the people around me.

This is not the first time I have attempted to find my place in the world. In the past, when I have started this journey I’ve taken assessments to help me with that awareness. I’ve done profiles on my behaviour profiles, assessments on my strengths and values, personality trait quizzes – all in an attempt to pinpoint the things that make me me.

As a result, I’ve had cause to start revisiting previous profiles and consider doing new ones to see how I’ve changed. Not that my process is dependent on them but I find that they can add an interesting perspective on why I think the way I do, why I make the decisions I do.

Recently I took a DISC profile which also included a Motivation Index. The DISC profile looks at behaviours and working styles which is interesting, but the Motivators were my focus right now as they describe you based on your values and beliefs. Understanding your motivation helps reveal your preferences and why you do what you do.

Below is a snapshot of what my Motivation Index “revealed” about me.

If you know me, most of this will not seem particularly earth-shattering but, for me, seeing it written down clarifies and serves as a reminder of what is important. The Aesthetic is very fitting given what I was explaining in this very post, lol.

If you’re interested in your own DISC profile and Motivation Index, Tony Robbins has a decent free DISC assessment. There are, of course, other free DISC profiles around if you prefer to find one elsewhere.

In another post, I will dig down into what these motivators really mean for me. If you’ve ever done such a motivation index, I’d love to hear what it revealed for you.




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Perfect time to look at alignment and where good can be done.

Love this!

Thanks David! ☺️

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