Fresh Beginnings

I have always had a bad habit of trying to put off starting things until the conditions are quite right. I like to start things at the start of a year, the start of a month, the start of a week, at a round time on the clock. It makes it very easy to delay starting because I missed the right time to start.

I have been battling this for years, and usually my best strategy against it is to just start. I picked up this Love the Home You Have book in the airport months ago, and I guess my mind and my heart weren’t ready to read it yet. Then a couple nights ago it called to me, so I’m starting.

The result of this process should be greater contentment where I am and subsequent inspiration in various areas of my life. Rather than wishing away my limitations and waiting until they are gone, I’m starting now. I will work within my limitation so that I am at least moving forward.

Here’s the first step: making note of three reasons I’m grateful for the home I have.

  1. It is a perfect size for a person living alone. This means it’s not overwhelming to keep it looking presentable (though I slack off), and I can keep my utilities in a reasonable range.
  2. I have friends in the complex. This means that some social support is always within reach, even though we all need to do better at making time to connect. It is great knowing I can just walk across to my friends and have some quick social time.
  3. It is affordable. My rent is definitely in a great price range, so even though I’ve been out of a job for the last few months, I can keep up with my rent payments. When I am making a full-time income, it means I have more money for other things (though my budgeting skills still need work).

Of course, as always happens, once you start making a list like this, other reasons come to mind. Lol! I admit that the only real drawback to this place is my inability to have a dog. So I am grateful for all the pluses, and need to continue to focus on them.

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