Making it special

Another jump start to this process of loving the home I have was the recommendation to start a special tradition or create a fun memory in my home. This took some thinking. Which in itself was a little sad, but I’m not going to dwell on that.

Here were my thoughts on this:

  1. I could have a special meal once a month, set the table, pour some wine, put on some music, and enjoy being in my space. Of course, the challenge with this one is that I still don’t love cooking so I may rationalize not doing it if the mood wasn’t right on the scheduled date.
  2. I could have some friends over for a games night. I’ve been saying I would do this but nearly 4 years have passed and I’ve never done it. This would be more of the fun memory type thing since I’m unlikely to do this one regularly (yes, I know I need to be more social).
  3. I could have a living room sing and dance party with just me, music and wine. This one appeals to me because it’s not really a lot of work, it’s fun and I could make it a tradition.

It seems like option number 3 is the obvious choice, lol. So I need to look about this soon, even if I have no wine to make it complete.

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