Life Lessons …

Today (at least yesterday), the first of April, April Fool’s Day, is the day I learnt a lesson for a lifetime – to not put too much stock in material possessions.I was never particularly materialistic, always looked down on it I guess. But in the last year or so I have been enjoying my salary and taking chunks of it to periodically splurge a bit outside of the regular over-spending on books). The first really big purchase was a surround sound setup for my room, followed by a Treo 600 last summer, then a new fancy PC at Christmas.

All was going well, then horror of horrors!! 😡 I lost my Treo, the thing that had made me so very happy was gone!!! The despair I felt was immense, so much so that even my mother who is decidedly not techie felt my pain. But I bounced back and accepted my loss and the fact that realistically I couldn’t afford another Treo right now. So I bought a nice little Nokia 6230 which cost about 1/2 as much and had enough features to partially compensate for my loss.

Then what happens?!?!? I have that phone for 2 weeks, not even enough time to figure out and use all the features, and it vanishes (lost/stolen, who knows :?) at J’ouvert!! Yes, yes, I know, why did I have my phone at j’ouvert?? For the simple reason that as a girl travelling alone at night I do not go without my phone and I saw no reason to leave it.

So anyway in the space of 2 weeks I have lost approximately $60000 in cool gadget phonage. You know I have learnt my lesson. Never again am I wasting that kind of money on a cell phone. The next phone will be the cheapest one I can find. 😀 Especially with the growing interest in phones from our criminal elements, I refuse to get stabbed over a phone so I will try to reduce their temptation. It is just not worth it. I am going back to a place I had been once when I knew a phone was just a tool and bigger/fancier/blingier was just not necessary.

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