Category: Musings

  • Making progress

    Making progress

    One my challenges is maintaining momentum towards my goals. I try to create habits around my goals and this is a tool that helps me do that.

  • Leading my way

    Leading my way

    I experimented with leadership styles from my early childhood right up into adulthood. I learnt that certain leadership styles won’t always work.

  • Relationship Goals

    Relationship Goals

    Though I am still figuring out the details of what I want, here are some things that I do know I’d like to have in my ideal relationship. Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

  • What career plan?

    What career plan?

    I wasn’t one of those that had a dream job or career in mind. So I definitely didn’t have a plan either. But my path to this point is clear in hindsight.

  • Making music again

    Making music again

    My first instrument was the flute, and then steel pan took over. But after half a lifetime of making music, my life was now pretty quiet.

  • Still single

    Still single

    I have now been single for over 6 years. How did that happen? This was not the plan! Being single for this long is a double-edged sword.

  • 5 year anniversary

    5 year anniversary

    It is coming up on my 5 year anniversary at work. Nobody saw this coming. Not even me. This is my longest job ever!

  • A creative block

    A creative block

    For the last two years, I couldn’t write. I was blocked. I tried to get through it but that’s not what eventually worked.

  • Fit And Fab Forty

    Fit And Fab Forty

    This year, I hit a turning point. Recognising that I had to change my lifestyle, I finally made some updates. This is less about a target and more about a way of life.

  • Layers of Confidence

    Layers of Confidence

    At first, I wasn’t even sure how to approach speaking about confidence because I still don’t feel that confident as a speaker. But I came up with a framework that helps.

  • Code to No Code

    Code to No Code

    Many people who know me now don’t know about my journey in tech and don’t realise that I started life as a programmer, in software development. This is my story.

  • SwimFit


    I have been swimming since I was little more than a baby. So it’s really no wonder that I keep trying to return to swimming to make exercise a regular part of my life.

  • Loved and lost

    Loved and lost

    It has taken me over 2 years to be able to write anything about him. I still miss him and the impact of losing him continues.

  • Re-learning how to speak

    Re-learning how to speak

    I’ve done a few speaking gigs recently about, of all things, confidence in public speaking… Me! How have I conquered my stage fright to do this?

  • Brave to blog

    Brave to blog

    I have always been pretty open when I blog, not about my entire life but I do talk openly about some aspects e.g. depression. Does that make me brave?