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Tomorrow is the big day. I’ve set it so that while I am headed to work in the morning, my product “Power Your Learning: Plan for Success with Your Next 20 Hour Learning Project” will go live, zooming through cyberspace to all those who pre-ordered it, and available for immediate download for new buyers. This is absolutely terrifying.

There is no real reason I should be this scared. I’ve done the work. The workbook is complete. I’ve done some promotions (though not nearly enough). The feedback from those who got an early review copy has been fantastic. So what’s the problem?

I’ve been told that even experienced creators get a little jittery before a product launches. The nerves are a good thing. They help keep you in check. So I should probably be more worried if I wasn’t at all nervous.

It helps to remember why I thought this product was a good idea in the first place. But even more important for me is to focus on my original goals for the Gumroad Small Product Lab. Tomorrow I will have successfully accomplished one of those goals, which was to actually get something out there into the world, even if nobody sees it. My other goal which was to create something useful remains to be seen. But I have faith that somebody other than me will think the workbook is helpful. If you purchase it, be sure to send me an email and let me know if it helped you learn something.

The worst case scenario is what I think has most people nervous. The two worst cases are that nobody buys it and that people buy it but hate it. Nobody buying it is terrible because you pour yourself into a product, so if nobody shows interest it feels like it’s you they are responding to. If people do buy it but then hate it, that feels even worse. Of course, these are all hypotheticals that should not get in the way of launching. But the fear is real. Talking through it can help. For me, I’m writing it here.

Whatever happens. After tomorrow I can officially call myself a product creator. I will have produced my first product which is more than many people can say. 10 days ago I had nothing. So something that didn’t even exist, was thought up and then actualized by me. That’s a beautiful thing. And I can see how it could be addictive. Lol!

Some people are already talking about the next Small Product Lab and my brain is abuzz with other ideas to try. But for now, I am trying to take deep breaths and just get through this launch.

If you’ve launched something before, how did you deal with your jitters? I’m looking for other tips.

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