Careers in Tech: Remote Work (Developer’s Edition)

8 months ago
Date:February 23, 2021 Cost:FREE
Wondering if a career in tech is right for you? What about job opportunities and means of working remotely and earn? Careers in technology are as vast and varied as the qualities and skills needed to pursue them. In this meetup, we'll have an open discussion with guest panellists that are working actively in the tech industry in Jamaica and across the globe about remote work.
Careers in Tech: Remote Work (Developer’s Edition)


Time: February 23, 2021, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


This event is open to the public but attendees must first register and be approved in order to attend.


Cost: FREE
Topics: Future of Work, Remote Work, Technology
Event Types: Meetup, Online, Panel
Event Host: Jamaican Developers Group


The aim of this current series of events is to address misconceptions and share the realities of remote work. We want developers and digital professionals to appreciate the expansive and valuable opportunities that are available in Remote Work.


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