Digital transformation post-2020 | ICT Pulse

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Date:January 13, 2021
Opened this year with a great conversation on digital transformation in the Caribbean, especially in light of the current environment, and what is needed for the necessary changes to continue and accelerate beyond the pandemic.
Digital transformation post-2020 | ICT Pulse


Date: January 13, 2021



ICTP 137: Digital transformation post-2020 – will it continue, and how effective has it been so far?

In this January 2021 Community Chat on ICT Pulse, and with members of the Caribbean tech community, Bianca Welds and Lendon Telesford, the panel discusses digital transformation:  where do we see the future of digital transformation for Caribbean organisations and businesses this year; and have all of the movements that supposedly were made towards digital transformation, have they truly been fostering transformation?


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