100 Days of No Code

In my Birthday Boost post, I mentioned that I’ve been on a No Code journey. Specifically, besides some learning on my own, I enrolled in the 100 Days of No Code challenge. It’s described as “a habit fuelled system combined with daily bite-sized lessons that will help you learn to no-code in just 30 mins a day.”

Why No Code? Well, as I shared on Twitter after my first week of the challenge, it is something I have been curious about for some time. I started my tech life, a life time ago, as a software developer. I don’t miss writing code, but I do miss creating solutions. No Code is a way back to that for me.

Especially given my current career trajectory of innovation, being able to quickly test ideas and solve problems is a useful skill to have.

This challenge basically gives you a small No Code task each day by email to step you through learning and building.

My entire progress thread can be found here:

You can move at your own pace, and right now I am in the middle of Phase 2, doing a deep dive into a basic No Code stack. But in the just under 30 days I have spent working on the challenge, I have built many solutions, the most recent of which was my birthday gift app.

I do need to properly update my No Code portfolio so I won’t link it here, but most of the things I’ve built (which you can find in the Twitter thread above), I do plan to develop further.

What is most exciting for me, and a big part of why I was doing the challenge, is feeling my brain reactivate. I have always had lots of ideas but now that I have a way to build many of them for myself, my brain is just firing up and spitting out ideas. I am constantly thinking of how I can use some of the No Code tools to which I have now been introduced to solve problems I see around me.

There are other levels to the 100 Days of No Code, such as the paid community or the intense 30-day bootcamp. But the free challenge is a good place to start. If you have ideas you want to build, if you want to learn about No Code, or if you just want an interesting learning challenge to stretch your brain, I highly recommend you join me in the 100 Days of No Code challenge.

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