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Not really sure how to start because it has been so long since I wrote. The last thing I wrote was a goodbye. So how do I now say hello all over again?

I guess I will start with what has changed since my last post. Most of the below is just since 2022. I’m really not even sure what happened with 2021 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Besides losing D and with him seemingly the relevance of most of my 30s, my broken leg (I never did write about this besides my Twitter updates #BrukFootB) feels like a distant memory now as life is more or less back to normal. There’s so much I’ve not shared about that whole experience — lots of lessons to write about.
  • I took control of my health by changing my diet (thanks Wildfit!) and losing 30-35lbs. And I’ve started swimming again, using my Formswim smart goggles as motivation and tracking. Mindset work has been the most important piece here.
  • I’ve been dating but only just this year started to think about relationships again after being single for nearly 6 years now. Still wrapping my mind around what my ideal relationship could look like and what the experience of looking for one in my mid-40s has to teach me.
  • I joined the Alpha Community Band, playing flute. It had easily been about 15 years since I last actively played so that has been fun and frustrating. But I’ve been growing as a musician, trying to pick up new practice habits and making new friends.
  • I worked on my public speaking through a programme called Ultraspeaking and have actually started speaking again, including about public speaking and developing your confidence. I developed a framework to explain how I do that so I’ll be sharing more about that.
  • I have also started diving into the No Code space, learning how to quickly bring ideas to life without writing code. Since I enjoy problem solving more than coding this has been fun and there will be lots more to come since I have no shortage of ideas.

Then, there is what hasn’t changed, which has its lessons too.

  • Besides being still single, I still live alone in the apartment I’ve been in for 10 years. I will have to start making some changes and plans but making this space my own has been interesting.
  • I am still in the same job (5 years now! 🤯) and still working remotely for the most part (over 3 years now! 🎉). The biggest learnings for me have been around the kind of leader I am, and what I see coming as the future of work.
  • Creatively, I’ve been stuck – no writing (my book stalled, my poetry is nearly non-existent), no blogging, no art really. Other than taking up the flute again (see above), my creative juices have been frozen. Trying to get out of that is its own journey.
  • I have, however, never stopped learning. A lot of my formal learning has been outside of work, as I’m always taking courses (I have a newfound passion for humane technology) and doing my own self-directed learning into topics of interest. I also have some interesting conversations that drive my learning even more, case in point:
Some examples of conversations that could lead to interesting posts for me to write about

So why now? My birthday is a week away and as always that is the start of my personal year. As I begin to reflect, I decided now is as good a time as any to start blogging again, with less focus on making it into “something” and more just getting it out of my head, returning to when personal blogging was fun for me. No pressure to make it productive, find a way to monetise it or grow an audience. Just me, the screen and anyone who decides to read and be a part of my journey.

Yeah baby! Back to old school blogging 😊

My one concession will be sharing online (I am trying my hand at being more public with what I do) and providing a way for you to stay updated on when I do post, so you can sign up to get emails with post updates.


So if you’re still here, I appreciate you. Whether you are still here from my early blogging days (2005, gasp!), still here since my blogging hiatus a couple years back, or just still here since this post began, thanks!

I will make no promises (yet) regarding frequency, but I am committing to writing more. So stay tuned!

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