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I love birthdays, and especially my own. It is the one day for the year that I ensure that I only do what I want to do. What that is may vary from year to year, but it is wholly and absolutely in my hands.

Most years, my ideal birthday involves at a minimum good meals and going to the beach. Depending on my circumstances, I may choose to spend it with special people (friends, family, boyfriend). But I may also choose to spend it completely alone.

I decided to scour my old blog posts to see how I celebrated in years gone by:

  • 2001 – 2005: solo movie night, off-Broadway show, romantic night out, games night
  • 2006: boyfriend dinner
  • 2007: romantic weekend getaway
  • 2008: custom meals and live music with friends

And then I looked through my Twitter timeline at old birthday posts and I remembered these:

  • 2013: Dinner with friends in Italy (where I was living at the time)
  • 2014: Beach, dinner with parents (during which someone broke into my car!)

Many years, in which I have been single, my birthday often involves me cooking myself a good breakfast, solo beach trip, dinner (alone or with parents) and a traditional Bailey’s cheesecake, lol.

This year, I don’t yet have major plans. But I decided to open up my calendar for the whole month of November for people to book their time with me, whether for a meal together, a catch up call, or to go out, without too much back and forth to schedule. One of my best friends, for example, has booked me for breakfast to start the actual day.

I decided to run this experiment in an experimental way, lol. I’ve been on a No Code journey (more on that in another post), and so I whipped up a quick solution to provide people with my wishlist and links to either buy me a gift (or gift card) or book my time. Yeah, yeah, a little strange, but a fun experiment for me.

If you want to take part, you can check out the site below:

Giftly icon

Or scan the QR code to visit:

QR code to access my Giftly birthday app

I always enjoy my birthday, no matter what I end up doing but this year I decided to see how I could potentially incorporate more people. Let’s see what happens.

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