Long kiss goodbye

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”. Puhleeese!! Saying goodbye is always hard (unless there was never any good, in which case it is more of a ‘good riddance’). I have said my share of goodbyes, to teachers, schools, friends, family, boyfriends, hopes, dreams. It never gets any easier.

I’m posting tonight because I don’t know how much time I will have tomorrow morning. Now before you go thinking this is a goodbye to my friends, family or even pan, let me just interrupt. Those are all people I will find here when I come back in a few months time (all being well). To them this is more of a ‘see you soon’. I will miss you all!!

This is more of a farewell to a stage in my life. I have spent several years floating with no real direction or purpose. Those of you closest to me may have heard some of the distress I felt in years gone by. After falling into IT at UWI, and then doing a Masters just because, I am saying goodbye. Goodbye to doing what seemed to be right or appropriate, following the trends of what seemed like a good career choice. Goodbye to getting crappy jobs, doing stuff I couldn’t care less about, stuff that has little impact further than the people immediately around me. And hopefully, goodbye to dragging myself out of bed and into my car everyday because I would rather be home than do my “job”.

Tomorrow I am leaping off into the great unknown. Having spent several months searching my soul, consulting with friends and family, having my head analyzed by professionals, I am doing something finally. What I am doing is still a bit unclear but I am moving towards it. I am taking a step in the direction of my happiness, my passion, my purpose. I know this is not a final destination, I don’t expect I will ever reach that point. I plan to keep moving and changing and growing.

So the other thing I want to do is say THANK YOU. To my family, for supporting me all these years and especially now as I go boldly off, down this unbeaten path to some place as yet unknown. To my current friends, who have encouraged me to follow my heart, even if only to move away from my burdensome choices. To my past friends, who (in hindsight) played a part in my growth, even as they left me to go it alone.

I will try to keep this blog updated as best I can over the next few months. Very likely the tone will change some as I include posts specifically designed to keep people updated on what I am doing in Trinidad. Now I need to go finish packing, so I will see you all soon as we continue this journey.

Live and love large!!

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Have fun while you’re there but hurry back.
Show them how it’s supposed to be done.

I must say I admire your free spirit. I don’t think that it works for you all the time, but it makes you unique.

Hve fun and come back soon.

Like I said Before, Just hurry bak 😀

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