Looking at things differently

Last time I was reflecting on underlying beliefs, particularly those that can get our the way, limiting us and preventing us from achieving our goals. Identifying those beliefs, coming aware of them is just one step. But then what?

Some of the other work that needs to happen is changing our thought patterns. Our beliefs affect our thoughts which can affect our behaviour. When you are aware of your beliefs, you can start to see how they are impacting your thoughts.

In particular, negative thought patterns can leave us feeling stuck. And means it may be time for a change in perspective. Changing the way you see things can help you change the decisions you make, to maybe end up in a different place.

For example, rather than thinking of something that hasn’t worked as a failure, you try to look at it as an opportunity for learning. Your circumstances haven’t changed, and you’ve not really changed your mind, but the way you look at it is different. The actions you take next would be very different now.

This is the kind of thing that takes a lot of practice. It requires keeping your mind open to the possibility that another way to look at things does exist. And that can be difficult, especially if your thoughts are stemming from a deep-rooted belief.

But if you can shift your perspective, you can see your way to become unstuck and move forward.

One of the things I’m particularly bad at is what’s called “mind reading” where essentially I make assumptions about what people are feeling, why they are acting as they are, and how they feel about me. This naturally interferes with my forward progress when I need to accomplish something that involves other people…

I am getting better at shifting my thoughts away from this negative thought pattern. But it took first being aware of my perspective on my interactions with others. Self-awareness wins again!

Here’s to learning even more about myself!


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