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I am nothing if not a water baby. I have literally been swimming since I was little more than a baby. Neither of my parents could swim so they made sure that my sister and I learnt as early as possible.

Since age 4-ish, I’ve been swimming. First lessons with Kim at Seymour, then my Uncle Johnny at Covington. I joined my high school swim team once I got there and then I joined the Tornadoes swim club at 13. Swimming led to water polo which I did for school and the national team for several years.

For years, the swimming pool was pretty much my life. Two or more times a day, I was training, six days a week.

So it’s really no wonder that I keep trying to return to swimming. Every few years as part of my fitness push, I jump back into the pool. It is the form of exercise that I love the most, even as I complained about training for all those years, lol.

Form Swim smart goggles inline display

I am at it again this year. I am currently doing three times a week, in the early mornings. In lieu of a swim partner (which I did do briefly last summer), I am using technology to motivate myself. I got a pair of Form Swim smart goggles, and I am in love!

Combined with a heart rate monitor, having access to the detailed data my goggles provide, combined with the workouts and plans available through the membership, I am building my way back to fitness, and loving it! (You can let me know in the comments if you want a full review of the goggles.)

It’s been a little over a month and I am seeing measurable progress.

I started out doing 500m (which felt pathetic given my swimming history), and I am up to 900m as of this week. I am consistently adding 100m each week and aim to be at 1500m by the end of the year (a much more respectable workout, lol).

My average moving heart rate has improved significantly dropping from over 130bpm to 112bpm. And I can feel myself getting stronger over 50m swims.

I still have a ways to go, in terms of strength and power, speed, endurance, but I am getting better every day.

I am at that stage of my life where I realise I have to make movement and exercise a regular part of my life to stay healthy. For me, the thing that works best to stay consistent is swimming. So stay tuned for more of my #SwimFit journey.





2 responses to “SwimFit”

  1. Emma Lewis Avatar

    Hi Bianca: I LOVE swimming too, but don’t know where to go!
    Where do you swim?
    As you may know I am recovering from breast cancer (still resting and taking gentle exercise, and chlorinated water would not be good for me right now) but I would love to start again in the New Year. Do let me know.

    1. Bianca Avatar

      Wow Emma! I didn’t realize that at all. Glad to hear you are in recovery. I will message you.

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