The journey to my values

a couple of years ago

“There is truth in your values, and there is value in the truth.” So ended one of my earlier posts where I was looking at the concept of being true to yourself. I then declared that I wanted to do some work on defining my values.

Of course, by defining, I really mean clarifying because your values are already in you. It is possible to have aspirational values, things you want to be true of yourself, and you can work towards those. But as a first step, you have to understand your starting point – the values you currently hold.

I have previously written lists of my values, but I suspect there may be some nuance I have missed, especially in how I define them for myself.

So to start this journey, I have gone diving into my past, as far back as I can remember. I’m writing down all of the emotionally important moments, the events or decisions that stand out. It is through these events, through my thoughts and beliefs that I will start to understand what it is I truly value.

It is an interesting process because things I thought were incredibly important at the time, are now barely registering. I can hardly remember how I felt at the time, why it was important. And in many cases, I cannot genuinely say that a so-crucial moment was actually life-changing.

But other events are leaping out at me as I look back – things I have hardly paid any attention over the years, but are standing out as important to me now.

I am curious to see where this exercise leads me, to see what themes start to emerge. The next step is going to be to dig down into each of those moments to understand why they are important.

The journey has begun!


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