What is truth?

I have now been successfully working in the corporate world for a little over 2 years, setting a personal record. It continues to be a fascinating sociological and anthropological study for me. Every day I observe behaviours that I wouldn’t necessarily have come across in my previous incarnations, lol.

Corporate life is known for being political and especially in a hierarchical organisation, you see daily maneuvers as people try to achieve or maintain a place of pride in the group. There is a lot of ego and posturing among the herd.

One of the dangers of a corporate environment is the shifting of one’s values to fit in. Most people, if asked, would deny that they do this, but it seeps in very subtly. But, ideally, you would not be working somewhere that conflicts with your personal values in a major way.

I started out asking what is truth because I am interested, not so much in the truth of facts, but the truth of self. What is your truth? Maintaining the integrity of one’s truth can be challenging if embedded in an environment that does not align with your values.

Many people change their behaviour based on context, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. But it may be a cause for concern if you are modeling behaviours that go against your deeply held values. Of course, part of the challenge is that many people have not done sufficient examination and exploration of their values.

Being able to articulate your values is critical to determining what your truth is, and then being able to stand up for that. Recognizing this concept of truth raises my awareness of whether I am living in accordance with my values.

Now I will admit to pridefully watching the goings-on and telling myself that I am above such machinations. However, it is human nature to want to fit in, to belong. So it rests on me to do the work and clearly explore and define my values against which I can begin to assess my truth-worthiness.

This is something I need to research a little more deeply, which of course, I will share as I do.

*Random faux deep thought* “There is truth in your values, and there is value in the truth.”



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