Why delay?

If I’m feeling particularly down on myself, then I will lament all the things I’ve not been able to do with my life. But, when I am actually honest with myself I can acknowledge that those things are usually the victims of my own delay tactics.

Despite how badly we might want something, we often spend our time doing nothing more than dreaming, thinking, planning and preparing to accomplish our goal, all without taking any real action towards it.

We confuse the dreaming and planning with moving forward. If asked what we have done, we can lay out the way we intend to approach achieving our goal. But we have taken no real action.

The reasons we delay are many. We may be so focused on the end state, the outcome that we build it up in our heads and it seems overwhelming. We may be frozen from fear – fear of failure, of mistakes, of success or just change. We may have beliefs about ourselves that are limiting us. We may even not actually be committed to achieving the goal, despite thinking we are.

Of course, the reasons we give for our delay are very different. We tell ourselves we aren’t ready yet. We say we are too busy and don’t have time. We don’t have the resources we need or the support we need. We can list all the obstacles that are in our way, preventing us from moving forward – all the obstacles except for ourselves.

I am definitely guilty of delay. I have long had an issue with procrastination, and delay is one major type of procrastination. The list of things I’ve thought of doing that I have never even started could carpet my house.

The real hurdle is making the first step, taking that first small action. Focusing on the end goal is great for providing direction, but you have to take action. When I do get stuck sometimes, I have to trick myself into doing one small thing towards my goal.

Taking action provides momentum, giving you the drive to continue moving forward.

After not writing for 3 years on this blog, I finally just had to start. No more waiting for it to be perfect, to add all the fandangles to my website, for me to find the perfect content plan. I had to just start. With each blog post I publish, I am motivated to write another, and another. And now in a few short weeks, I’ve gotten into a groove and have written more than I had in the last 5 years.

So what action can you take today to move towards your top goal?



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