Preferred Topics

Creativity and Innovation
Looking at how to think more creatively, be more creative in your life and business, creative problem solving, using creative methodologies like design thinking, how to innovate in your business. Past talks have included Ideation for Startups and Introduction to Design Thinking.
Arts Entrepreneurship
Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in the arts especially how technology can be used. Past talks have included building an audience platform, new business models and millennial marketing for the arts.
Business Models
Using the Business Model canvas by Alex Osterwalder as the foundation, then looking at business models in general to business model innovation to business modeling for creative industries. Also created a custom business modeling tool for creative artists specifically.
Lean Startup
Using the Lean Startup Canvas as the foundation, then looking into the experiment approach for testing startup ideas.
Mental Health (in tech or the arts)
Speaking from a personal place, taking a look at the impact of mental health and wellness on persons in technology and in the arts. Also looking at how technology and the arts can help mental health movements.
Special focus on creative uses of WordPress, WordPress for creative professionals and using WordPress for social good.