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  • What career plan?

    What career plan?

    I wasn’t one of those that had a dream job or career in mind. So I definitely didn’t have a plan either. But my path to this point is clear in hindsight.

  • Code to No Code

    Code to No Code

    Many people who know me now don’t know about my journey in tech and don’t realise that I started life as a programmer, in software development. This is my story.

  • A (big) change is coming, baby

    A (big) change is coming, baby

    A more comprehensive update will follow soon, but I have been working on the ideas I laid out in my last post. I have managed to touch on most areas, except probably Friends & Family and Fun ┬áRecreation. But more to come on that. Today’s update will focus on the Career section. The first sub-area […]

  • Who are you and what do you do?

    Who are you and what do you do?

    I do a lot of reading about careers, especially freelance and creative ones. One of the topics I’ve seen discussed is how to answer the ‘What do you do?’ question. Yesterday I watched while four girls, having just been introduced under the name they’ve selected for their ‘business’, floundered to explain when they were asked […]

  • Practical Interviews

    Practical Interviews

    I interviewed for a job yesterday. This in itself is a step for me, though I’m not sure yet whether it’s forwards or backwards. I decided last year that my life would have to involve a portfolio career. The term seemed to sum up what I had always been leaning towards, which was the ability […]