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Interview with a mentee

I interviewed one of my mentees to hear some of her thoughts about being mentored and how it was helping her.
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The Fine Line Between Mentoring, Advising, and Coaching: Understanding the Differences and How to Choose What You Need

While mentoring, advising and coaching are often used interchangeably, and do share similarities, they are distinct approaches to helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.
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5 Topics to Bring Up with Your Mentor to Maximize Your Mentorship Experience

To make the most of your mentorship experience, you should come prepared with specific topics to discuss during your meetings. Here are 5 topics you could try.
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How to Make Mentoring Work Both Ways: Tips for a Successful Mentorship Relationship

Successful mentoring requires both the mentor and mentee to actively participate and contribute. Here are some tips to make mentoring work for both the mentor and the mentee.
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Finding the Perfect Mentor: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Perplexed

Finding the right mentor can be challenging, if you don't have formal opportunities. But there are steps you can take to make it easier.
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10 Benefits of Mentoring You Should Be Considering

Mentoring is not just about achieving specific goals. There are benefits that go beyond the surface that you should consider.

My first 5K

My first 5K ever was the ICWI/Jamaica Reach to Recovery Pink Run which raised J$9M. How did I end up doing that and how did it go?

A 12 year love story

In every life, in every relationship, there are dates that get burned into your memory. Saturday, September 5, 2020 is now added to my list, as the day I lost someone very important to me. The truth is we were no longer as close, but I had loved him for over a decade. Thursday, May 15, 2008, was the day that I met Denver. I had seen him around for the last month or so – this tall, slim guy with locks always beating a rhythm with sticks or his hands – but never thought much about it until this...

Things I learned from the Small Product Lab

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I launched my first ever product. I had planned this post for last week, but life got in the way (as it does). The Small Product Lab was a rush! 10 days to conceptualize, create, market and launch a product, guided by a daily email and supported by an active Facebook group and some alumni mentors. I did it, I was one of those that finished in time (not all did). Here’s a great round up of all the products that launched. Since then, I have done some reflection on what I took from...
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Laying the foundation for 2015

Each year, as I review the previous 12 months, I identify what didn’t work. My theme for the coming year often reflects this as I aim to correct the issues and fill in the gaps. As I have said, 2014 was, for me, directionless. I had no theme, no goals, no real plan – and the path it took showed how crucial this was. I floated along and went wherever life took me. Now while there is a certain freedom to allowing fate to take hold, I much prefer having some say in where my life goes. This year’s theme,...

Out of Many, One Mixup

This morning I read (yet another) powerful piece of writing from Kei Miller. Now I admit to being a fan of his commentary, and not necessarily his poetry, having never read any of the latter. But so far, whenever I read his commentary I find myself nodding in agreement, because here is someone willing to criticize across the board, even as he admits his personal biases, such as friend/family connections with those he discusses. This time, he was taking on the issue of the brown/white Jamaican and their right to take offence. Clearly, this drew my attention as one of...

TechPeaks (Batch 1) – Lessons Learned

Another longish post, where I share my lessons learned in Italy at techPEAKS (which also serve as advice to anyone else considering going in the future, or those there now).

TechPeaks (Batch 1) – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

People have been asking me for my take on techPEAKS, and since it's long overdue, I start with my assessment of techPEAKS from a couple different perspectives.

The Absolutely Best Stuff I Read This Week #1

I read widely and have pretty varied interests. This shows up in how I consume information online. There is a lot of crap but there are some shining moments. For your Sunday reading pleasure, here is The Absolutely Best Stuff I Read This Week.

But I don’t know how to set up a blog

If you are looking to start a blog, my advice is just start! You can start for free at most hosted platforms. And if you're feeling like taking more control then hosting it yourself is not as scary as it seems. My first tip is think through exactly what you want to have on site both in terms of how you might want it to look and how you might want it to work. That way you will know what you need.