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  • Relationship Goals

    Relationship Goals

    Though I am still figuring out the details of what I want, here are some things that I do know I’d like to have in my ideal relationship. Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

  • Still single

    Still single

    I have now been single for over 6 years. How did that happen? This was not the plan! Being single for this long is a double-edged sword.

  • Loved and lost

    Loved and lost

    It has taken me over 2 years to be able to write anything about him. I still miss him and the impact of losing him continues.

  • A space I enjoy

    A space I enjoy

    As I continue to jump into this process of loving my home, the book asked me to think about one area of my home I enjoy and why. Yikes! As much as I no longer have strong negative feelings towards my apartment, I was hard-pressed to come up with an area I truly enjoy. I […]

  • Making it special

    Making it special

    Another jump start to this process of loving the home I have was the recommendation to start a special tradition or create a fun memory in my home. This took some thinking. Which in itself was a little sad, but I’m not going to dwell on that. Here were my thoughts on this: I could […]

  • Fresh Beginnings

    Fresh Beginnings

    I have always had a bad habit of trying to put off starting things until the conditions are quite right. I like to start things at the start of a year, the start of a month, the start of a week, at a round time on the clock. It makes it very easy to delay […]

  • Loving the home you have

    Loving the home you have

    Recently, someone commented to me that they “know how much living in this¬†apartment drains you.” I was a little taken aback when they said it because the truth is I used to feel that way. But I honestly haven’t in a while. I suppose I just came to accept it for what it was. Are […]

  • Through thick and thin, friends for life

    Through thick and thin, friends for life

    I have found myself repeatedly saying to people that when I become friends with someone, we remain so, unless they do something particularly destructive. My friends are friends for life. And that is regardless of how much time we spend together, how often we speak, or how close we are on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. I […]