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  • Relationship Goals

    Relationship Goals

    Though I am still figuring out the details of what I want, here are some things that I do know I’d like to have in my ideal relationship. Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

  • Still single

    Still single

    I have now been single for over 6 years. How did that happen? This was not the plan! Being single for this long is a double-edged sword.

  • Loved and lost

    Loved and lost

    It has taken me over 2 years to be able to write anything about him. I still miss him and the impact of losing him continues.

  • Try this “unnatural” problem response

    Try this “unnatural” problem response

    Some times a person just wants you to listen. That’s it. Nothing more. It can be difficult, but often when a person confides, their goal is nothing more than to express themselves.

  • Romance Is Not All About Flowers and Gifts

    Romance Is Not All About Flowers and Gifts

    There is a “traditional” perception of romance, largely propagated by novels and movies. This cliche inevitably involves dates and flowers and gifts. Not that those things aren’t nice, but they are not critical to a concept of romance.

  • Why you need to nurture your support system

    Why you need to nurture your support system

    Whether you like large social groups, have lots of friends or stay close to only a few people, you have a support system. Humans are social beings. They were not actually meant to be alone. One of my goals for this year was to foster healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, and family. So here’s to a renewed focus on the people I surround myself with!

  • Through thick and thin, friends for life

    Through thick and thin, friends for life

    I have found myself repeatedly saying to people that when I become friends with someone, we remain so, unless they do something particularly destructive. My friends are friends for life. And that is regardless of how much time we spend together, how often we speak, or how close we are on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. I […]

  • Close call

    Close call

    How do you determine how close a friendship you have with someone? It seems like a weird question because you figure you would know if it were a close friendship or not, and the how close part would be naturally determined from the interactions, right? What actually determines the closeness though? Is it the amount […]

  • Too hard

    Too hard

    A desire to speak but not sure what to say. This is not that there is nothing important to be said, but more that the list of things has been growing, being added to over time, with nothing ever coming off the list. So the list grows and grows. Everything is important which means nothing […]

  • Boundaries – or how to keep the fences up

    Boundaries – or how to keep the fences up

    The concept of boundaries keeps raising itself in my life. Most people hear boundaries and start thinking about rules. Very often the next association in their minds is restrictions. They see boundaries as a way to control and oppress. But boundaries create a freedom. Just as a fence serves not only to keep those on […]

  • Don’t go on to have a life while angry

    Don’t go on to have a life while angry

    There’s a common piece of advice for couples that says not to go to bed angry. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to resolve every issue in less than a day. However, it requires that the two people be mature enough to have a rational discussion to clear the air so that […]

  • Judge not

    Judge not

    Just the other day, I had the old favourite ‘don’t judge a book by the cover’ thrown at me. As always, it made me wonder exactly what else people expect you to do. I know the principle behind it is sound – not judging people until you have a chance to know them. As a […]

  • Family Ties

    Family Ties

    Blood is thicker than water, but even watered-down blood can be pretty thick…