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Talk it out

So many issues in relationships boil down to communication incompatibilities. Communication is one of those things that seems easy in the beginning, and lots less fun as things get harder.

Small wins

It's important to celebrate the small wins, even if they are not milestones to a more major win. A win is a win.
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A matter of perspective

Your perspective often determines your threshold. The key is really in how you look at things to see where they fall in the grand scheme of things.
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Resetting for 2024

I had to press reset several times. And starting over each time felt like failing. But I did reset. Again and again.
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Finally got caught

One week before Christmas, Covid-19 finally noticed I had been safe for the nearly 3 years of this global pandemic. So I've been recovering and getting back to my normal life.

Relationship Goals

Though I am still figuring out the details of what I want, here are some things that I do know I'd like to have in my ideal relationship. Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

What career plan?

I wasn't one of those that had a dream job or career in mind. So I definitely didn't have a plan either. But my path to this point is clear in hindsight.
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5 year anniversary

It is coming up on my 5 year anniversary at work. Nobody saw this coming. Not even me. This is my longest job ever!

A creative block

For the last two years, I couldn’t write. I was blocked. I tried to get through it but that's not what eventually worked.
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Layers of Confidence

At first, I wasn't even sure how to approach speaking about confidence because I still don't feel that confident as a speaker. But I came up with a framework that helps.
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I have been swimming since I was little more than a baby. So it’s really no wonder that I keep trying to return to swimming to make exercise a regular part of my life.
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Loved and lost

It has taken me over 2 years to be able to write anything about him. I still miss him and the impact of losing him continues.
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Brave to blog

I have always been pretty open when I blog, not about my entire life but I do talk openly about some aspects e.g. depression. Does that make me brave?

My first 5K

My first 5K ever was the ICWI/Jamaica Reach to Recovery Pink Run which raised J$9M. How did I end up doing that and how did it go?

The journey to my values

“There is truth in your values, and there is value in the truth.” So ended one of my earlier posts where I was looking at the concept of being true to yourself. I then declared that I wanted to do some work on defining my values. Of course, by defining, I really mean clarifying because your values are already in you. It is possible to have aspirational values, things you want to be true of yourself, and you can work towards those. But as a first step, you have to understand your starting point – the values you currently hold....