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Panfest 2008 fuses movement, music

That was the headline of a review in today’s paper about the recently concluded Panfest 2008 in HD. Ended not with a bang but a helluva blast!! Fantastic! Wish we could have got this during the first weekend but no worries. Rave reviews are always good.

Back to my roots

I’m a cello again!!

3 for 3 so far…

3 papers, 3 reviews, 3 thumbs up: Jamaica Observer, Sunday aug. 21, 2005: Panoridim pleases at Panfest 2005 Jamaica Star, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2005: Sizzla on steelpan at UWI Jamaica Gleaner, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2005: ‘Music is …’ beautiful

And it’s over…

It’s amazing how things that we spend so much time preparing for seem to vanish in an instant. The band spent 7 1/2 months learning songs and rehearsing, with many late nights. And then just like that, it’s over. 3 days and it’s gone. There is always a mixed bag of feelings afterwards. What to do now? It’s finally over! Is that all there was? Can we do that again? Let’s never do that again! Althoguh you’re relieved it’s over, part of you feels the gap left where all that practising would go. You now have to find a new...

Squeals of glee..

So was I greeted tonight when I surprised my pan-mates with my return. ‘Ey girl! What you doing here? When did you come back? You didn’t tell us!! You lied!!

My Love Affair

Sometimes in life we have chance encounters. We cross paths with something that helps to complete us. Something that fills our life as though it were a lost part of our souls now rediscovered – so perfect is the fit, you are made for each other. And no matter the stresses it brings, every moment is worth it because we can’t imagine our lives without it.

Music to my ears…

These were all in the last few days (gotta love this place): 4 amazing bands (BWIA Invaders, Phase II, Desperadoes, All Stars) all gathered in one place (All Stars panyard) just to jam and celebrate All Stars anniversary Virtuoso solo pannists doing their recital for their degree (look where pan has reached!) A choir of about 30 people singing the latest soca songs (interesting concept, eh?) Exodus practising their festival pieces outdoors under a starlit sky