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TechPeaks (Batch 1) – Lessons Learned

Another longish post, where I share my lessons learned in Italy at techPEAKS (which also serve as advice to anyone else considering going in the future, or those there now).

Final stop in Slovenia [PHOTOS]

After a whirlwind tour of the Balkans, we made it back to Slovenia. Tired and ready to wrap it up, I saw some beautiful landscapes in Slovenia. The lakes have an amazing colour, and the castles are eye opening. Slovenia is a beautiful country you've probably not been to. Lol!

I’ll always remember Bosnia-Herzegovina [PHOTOS]

With a longer stay than planned (due to flat tyre in Sarajevo), Bosnia-Herzegovina made its mark as our final scheduled stop. The wealth of history made an impact on me and the beauty of this recovering country made for some fantastic pics.

I need to go back to Croatia [PHOTOS]

We didn't spend long in Croatia. We explored the walled city of Dubrovnik and then the next day, we rested at the beach. So unfortunately, I don't have many pictures from Croatia, which is why I will need to go back one day.

Water polo country! Montenegro [PHOTOS]

Montenegro went from being a country I had never really heard of, to being the first place I think of associated with water polo. We shared in the spirit watching the World Championship match in the capital before checking out how Montenegrins do the beach. Another beautiful country, steeped in history, Montenegro was a good choice for our road trip.

My favourite stop in beautiful Macedonia [PHOTOS]

So after Bulgaria, the Balkan road trip took us to Macedonia. Skopje took my breath away and was undoubtably my favourite city. Throw in the amazing scenery and a fascinating Bay of Bones, and Macedonia climbs to the tops on the trip.

A short pit stop in Bulgaria [PHOTOS]

A way overdue look at some of my photos from our stop in Sofia, Bulgaria. Still just a selection because I have hundreds of photos. Sofia is full of history and beautiful buildings. A must see if you are interested in religious tourism. Very interesting stuff!

How I might just get myself killed when I go home

Walking everywhere in Trento has been an interesting experience. I am unlikely to walk much at home since I have my car and the city is not really designed for pedestrians. But I will have to remind myself even on short walks that Kingston is no Trento.

A couple days in Serbia [PHOTOS]

I am finally sharing more of the pics I took while on the two week road trip through the Balkans. Starting off with Serbia, here are some pics from Novi Sad, Belgrade and our other stops.

Surviving the weather in Trento

My daily experience in Trento is greatly affected by the weather and, more importantly, the temperature. Just like that, September has arrived and summer is over!

Trip to Budapest [PHOTOS]

Back in early July, I went to Budapest for only a couple of jam-packed days. It is definitely an interesting city full of some amazing history. Enjoy my photographic memories of a city I may return to one day.

The Great Gelato Experiment

Though Italy has many other things on the gastronomic menu besides the stereotypical pizza, pasta and gelato, they are a big part of the food life here. Gelato, not to be confused with ice cream, is a beautiful thing, and I have made it my mission to sample the various flavours of gelato and share my appreciation.

Water in Italy

Now I have never been much of a water person, and by that I mean drinking water. I don't like the 'taste' of water But I have started developing a water habit since I've been in Italy. Not that I have developed any particular love for it, but water is kind of part of living in Italy.

Making a city good for tourists

One of the things I observed in my recent road trip, was how the cities we visited accommodated tourists. I saw certain patterns over and over that made some cities more enjoyable to visit than others. I look forward to the redevelopment of Kingston's downtown area and hope that some consideration will be given to increasing the tourism potential of our capital city as well.

Road Trip Reflections and Tips

Having completed my first ever major road trip (two weeks through the Balkans), I am home in Italy, and have had some time to start reflecting on the experience. One road trip does not make me an expert, but I share what I have observed and figured out.