So this happened…

As I mentioned, my new job has already begun to raise my profile. I’ve never been big on being in the spotlight, so some of this is very new for me. And while there is some discomfort, I’ve been told by many that people need to know more about me and who I am and what I do. I suppose in this professional world it helps to have people know about you.

Anyway, so I got asked to do a Jamaica Observer interview for their All Woman section. It was more of a personality profile that a professional one, which meant I got to talk about my background and childhood, and my interests and passions. The feedback on the article when it came out was amazing! Who knew so many people read the Observer, lol.

In case you were one of the few that didn’t see it, you can take a read here:

The affable Bianca Welds (June 20, 2016)

I got a lot of flack for “affable”, not that people disputed it, but it’s just not a word most people use, lol. All in all, despite the crazy amount of attention I got, it wasn’t a terrible experience. Although it was extremely weird being photographed. Much prefer being behind the camera.

I do think the writer was a little disappointed when I said I didn’t do any volunteer work. That’s something I’ve been meaning to change for years, and I may have found my cause. More on that another time.


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