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I have written before about writing as therapy. I freely admit that when I stop writing (whether blog posts, poetry, or anything else), I feel something missing. The less I write, the less I feel like writing, which often means I talk even less.

I’ve tackled journalling before as part of my approach to dealing with depression and consistency remains a challenge. But as with all things, I try not to beat myself up too much and still just write when I can.

Finding a journalling solution for me was a task. While I like the tactile sensation of writing in a physical journal, it has always felt too insecure to me. Should someone come across my journal then all my inner thoughts are laid bare. It’s why as a child (like many girls especially), I had journals with a lock. Lol! Like that would really prevent a determined soul from trespassing.

So writing in paper journals was out. Obviously I looked towards my computer. I could get an application that resided on my laptop which would be more secure… but the portability factor was affected. My laptop was not exactly convenient to whip out anywhere thoughts came to me.

So a desktop app was out. I started investigating online applications that I could also use on mobile. I found Penzu and haven’t looked back. It’s online, and affordable, with a mobile app, plus I can encrypt my journals so no one can access them. There is also the option to share individual posts with other people, which I haven’t taken advantage of, but I am being tempted to share some stuff recently.

One of the biggest advantages of having my journal is being able to go back through old posts and see how much has or hasn’t changed. Much like my blog, it is an interesting archive.



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