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Even though I am sick this week, I passed through the inaugural Caribbean Bloggers’ Week event being held in Kingston tonight. I didn’t stay for the whole thing, but I was able to catch the start of the panel discussion. After the content creators (bloggers, instagrammers, podcasters…) introduced themselves and their platform, the discussion moved onto motivation and drive.

One key point that was shared was that as you grow your blog needs to grow with you. One panelist commented very astutely that your “why” may change and you have to find a new “why.” This struck a chord with me because when people hear that I’ve been blogging for nearly 12 years now, they often ask me why I don’t write regularly any more. The biggest reason I don’t is probably because I am not really sure why I do write any more.

When I started my blog way back in 2005, it was just a personal journal of sorts, like most blogs of the day. I saw it as my space to share my own observations about the world. As I got into it, it became more personal and more public at the same time. I started using it as my platform for sharing my views on various things, all while I delved deeper into my own mind’s workings via poetry, for example.

The trajectory of my blog followed that of my life. When I was happy about my life in general I wrote a lot. The less I wanted to share about my life, the less I wrote. And I even recognized that the reverse was true — the less I wrote, the less I wanted to write. The last couple years have been particularly difficult for me, and as a result I have written very little on my blog.

So as I approach 2017 as the Year of Me, it is perhaps fitting that I also look at my blog, which for years has been an extension of me. I used to tell people that if they read my blog, they would know more about me than most people in my life, lol. But perhaps I need to review what my blog is for me, and what it needs to be.

I suppose a part of that process will be figuring out who I want to be. I used to have as part of my about page three lists:

  1. who I was (an Andrews’ girl, an AFSer etc.)
  2. who I am now (varied as the years went by)
  3. who I planned to be (a mother plus some other things)

Those lists are gone. I thought I still had them somewhere, and maybe I do. But they were drafted a long time ago. It is time I create some new lists, and let those guide who I share on here and why I write. I have some ideas forming, but I will firm them up first.

If you are reading this, do you blog and why?




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